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Bullying, cyber or offline, physical or emotional is a tremendous challenge that many young people are facing today. For more than a decade we have been conducting research into bullying's impact and how to prevent it. Despite this research, bullying continues to spread across physical, verbal, social, and cyber realms.

In this workshop, ELG's Psychologist, Dr Davy Guo, leads us in a conversation on our current practice of bullying intervention. "What we are missing. And also, what more we can do?" Learn about the roles that educators and guardians can take to stand up to bullying while supporting students. Most importantly, converse with others about bullying experiences, their impact, and possible alternative outcomes with changes to bullying intervention.

Come be part of the practices and discussion on supporting student's psychological well-being and how we can stop bullying before it starts!


  • Davy Guo郭峰 (Psychologist, Regional Director (Hangzhou) 心理学家, 杭州区域总监 of ELG)

    Davy Guo郭峰

    Psychologist, Regional Director (Hangzhou) 心理学家, 杭州区域总监 of ELG

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